Space Saving Children's Hangers

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Space Saving Children's Hangers

How many pieces of clothing are stuffed into your child’s closet? Way too many, right? You’ve come to the right place – the Slim-Line Hangers featured at HangersWholesale are a fraction of the width of average hangers, and even come with accessories to link hangers together for vertical storage. Flocked with a special coating to prevent slipping and sliding from hangers, the Slim-Line Hangers are available in a wide array of colors and even exotic prints! Appeal to your child’s sense of style and carry that throughout their space and into their closet with hangers that add just the right touch. The 12” width is made especially for smaller clothing and will guard against shoulder dimples. The triangle shape allows you to drape pants over the bar while hanging a matching top together. If you prefer to clips pants, rather than draping, check out the clips designed especially for the Slim-Line Hangers that snap right on and are available in colors to match the hangers. You can take advantage of HangersWholesale’s low prices and quick shipping by purchasing enough for an entire boutique!

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