Natural Finish Wooden Hangers with Chrome Hardware

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Natural Finish Wooden Hangers with Chrome Hardware

Natural Finish Hangers with Chrome Hardware Our hangers with natural finish offer a subtle touch of class – understated by timeless – and are even better when paired with contemporary chrome hardware. The wood is covered with several coats of lacquer for the smoothest surface, suitable for every type of garment. The chrome accents are also heavily polished to prevent it from catching or ripping material. Many styles of our wooden hangers are perfect for travelling or organizing multiple garments. Outfits like a skirt, tank and blazer are hung together on a single hanger – just like a three-piece suit! With wide arms to support the shoulders of jackets, notches for draping tanks or blouses, and clips for securing skirts or trousers, our Triple Combo Hanger (available in different stains) is the perfect selection to stock any store or closet. We offer only the highest quality of materials: you shop for the best to wear, and we mirror that quality here at HangersWholesale. Many clothes aficionados prefer the non-slip bar option for draping their trousers rather than clips – our inventory has many selections with this feature as well – see our Sloped Wooden Hanger with Notches and Grip Bar for just one example. Whether you prefer that non-slip trouser bar, a locking trouser bar or rubber coated clips for hanging, you’ll find it a HangersWholesale, and ALL at wholesale prices! Our bulk pricing offers you the opportunity to funnel more resources into what actually hangs on the hangers – we have the widest selection at the lowest price. And since you’re buying in quantity, you’ll save on shipping costs as well!

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