Walnut Finish Wooden Hangers with Chrome Hardware

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Walnut Finish Wooden Hangers with Chrome Hardware

For a more modern feel to your closet or boutique, you might consider the walnut and chrome hangers that are some of our most popular items. Solid beech lends its durability to the deep walnut finish and polished chrome accents. The contoured shape of the walnut and chrome hangers is perfect for maintaining the shape of your tops – whether a heavy winter coat for fine linen blouse. The notches in the hanger arms give lighter shirts a home under the weight of the paired jackets. Adding trousers or skirts to the outfits is made easy if you use a combination hanger with a locking trouser bar, grip bar or even chrome clips. Three-piece suit? No problem! Elegant dinner-ware with matching accessories? No problem! Speaking of accessories, don’t forget to account for all those belts and ties that slip off and wind up in the bottom of your closet. We’ve got hangers designed to prevent both of those – and they are as elegant and finely made as their complimenting garment hangers!

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