Wooden Hotel Hangers

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Wooden Hotel Hangers

For use mainly within the hospitality industry, the Wooden Loss-Prevention Hangers you find at HangersWholesale are made to withstand the constant use in hotels, Bed & Breakfast inns and rental properties. Buying for a lodging establishment is not a task done piecemeal; the wholesale prices we offer combined with the low shipping costs of bulk freight makes shopping at HangersWholesale the best choice in the industry. Choose from two types of metal rings: those that are easily installed or removed with an open and close feature, or those that are permanently installed on the closet bar. Then choose again between two types of hanger bodies: notched wooden body for blouses or jackets, or that same design with clips for hanging trousers or skirts. Either choice offers you great quality due to heavy-duty construction and highly polished woods and metals.

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