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Closet outfitted with cedar hangers and accessories are the proverbial total package. Using cedar for the body of hangers lends strength to the hanger bodies, while providing the entire closet with a moisture- and odor-absorbing, insect-repellant atmosphere. The light, comforting cedar aroma will always remind you that you’re protected from the elements. Want a stronger cedar scent? Simply lightly sand the hangers, and the scent stays fresh and strong. Using cedar’s natural pest resistance prevents you from using chemicals which can stain and cause deterioration to fabrics. Many of our cedar selections give you the perfect opportunity to keep outfits together – ideal for either travel or display. And those suits that stay at the back of the closet, seldom worn? Their shape is held by the hanger construction, and stays fresh with a hint of cedar scent – available to you at a moment’s notice.

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